New Music Alert: I’m From Barcelona – “Always Spring”

Spring has sprung fully at the HQ in Vancouver, and summer is just around the corner–the sun’s out, the birds are chirping, and it’s not pitch-black at 9 AM anymore. Hopefully there’ll still be some ice left for the Canucks to win the playoffs on.

With that, we thought we’d bring you one of the first really fantastic songs of summer. There’s just something about catchy, upbeat pop released between May and August which makes us incredibly excited for the beach. Here’s the brand-new track “Always Spring” from Swedish indie pop group I’m From Barcelona (you might remember their unimaginatively-titled but incredibly catchy track “We’re From Barcelona” from a few years ago). It’s got a great hook, a wonderful little piano line, and is so crammed full of saxes, glockenspiels, and handclaps that you can’t help but dance in your seat a little when listening. Pop this on your iPod and start thinking about what snacks you’ll bring to the beach this weekend.

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