Van Halen officially cancels its postponed shows

By Kat

After postponing their tour gigs after June 26 back in May, it appears the plug has finally been pulled on Van Halen for this year.

The Rolling Stone reports that Ticketmaster is listing many of the remaining dates as canceled:

After postponing all tour dates after June 26th, Van Halen has now canceled those shows, reports The band has not announced the cancelations on their site, but Pollstar notes many of the tour dates after June 26th are listed in red as canceled on Ticketmaster, including tour stops in Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Sacramento and Milwaukee. Refunds are reportedly available at the point of sale.

There are conflicting reports that the band members were embroiled in conflict with each other. At any rate, it’s an anticlimatic end to what had been a somewhat disappointing tour – concerts had received mixed reviews, which commonly targeted David Lee Roth’s performance at the age of 56.

Do you think it’s the end of the line for Van Halen?


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