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Matisyahu is the Hebrew and stage name of Matthew Paul Miller, a popular Hasidic Jewish reggae artist. His reggae vocal style is along the lines of traditional Rasta Roots stylings mixed with dub sound. Most of Matisyahu's songs are almost entirely in English with just a few words of Hebrew and Yiddish sprinkled in. His fans are of different walks of life, religions and ethnicities.

Matisyahu is a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

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Matisyahu's popularity began with underground buzz. He then started to gain mainstream success as evidenced by his appearances on television, such as Last Call with Carson Daly in 2004. Matisyahu is currently getting some success in the mainstream with the live version of the song "King Without a Crown", which has broken into the Modern Rock Top 10.

Matisyahu is also known for not performing in concert on Friday nights, as this is considered a work that is prohibited on Shabbat for Jews. In 2006, he performed in front of over 80,000 people at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.