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David Warren (Dave) Brubeck (born December 6, 1920 in Concord, California) is an American jazz pianist often regarded as a genius in his field, who has written a number of jazz standards, including In Your Own Sweet Way and The Duke. Brubeck's style ranges from refined to bombastic, reflecting his mother's attempts at classical training and his improvisational skills.

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Much of his music employs unusual time signatures. Brubeck experimented with time signatures through much of his career, recording Pick Up Sticks in 6/4, Unsquare Dance in 7/4, and Blue Rondo A La Turk in 9/8, an experimentation begun with his attempts to put music to the odd rhythms generated by various machines around him on his parents' cattle ranch in a small town in the western United States.

Brubeck was not particularly interested in learning by any particular method, but preferred to create his own melodies, and therefore avoided learning to read sheet music. In college Brubeck was nearly expelled when one of his professors discovered that he could not read sheet music.

Brubeck continues to write new works, including orchestrations and ballet scores, and tours about 80 cities each year, usually 20 of them in Europe in the spring.