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Jamie Cullum (born August 20, 1979) is an English jazz pianist and singer/songwriter. Jamie Cullum released his first album, Jamie Cullum Trio - Heard It All Before, in 1999. Although primarily a jazz musician, Jamie Cullum performs in a wide range of styles and is generally regarded as a "crossover" artist with his musical roots firmly based in jazz.

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After graduating from the University of Reading in 2001, Jamie Cullum - who is completely self-taught, bar a few piano lessons as a youngster - released a best-selling album, Pointless Nostalgic, in 2000. Jamie Cullum then started recording his third album, Twentysomething, which was released in October 2003. It went platinum and became the #1 selling studio album by a jazz artist in the United Kingdom. Jamie Cullum's breakout hit in the United States was "All At Sea" closely followed by a reworking of Radiohead's "High and Dry".

Jamie Cullum draws his inspiration from many different musicians, from Miles Davis to Tom Waits and many more. He has been part of quite a long list of bands, ranging from banging drums in a hip-hop group to playing guitar in rock bands. Together with his elder brother, Ben Cullum, he wrote the music for a West End stage version of "When Harry Met Sally...".

Jamie Cullum's fourth album, entitled Catching Tales, was released on the September 26, 2005, in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, and two weeks later in the United States, on October 11. Jamie Cullum has been touring with the new album, Catching Tales, since the end of October 2005 and will continue to do so until November 2006.