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Medeski Martin & Wood (also known as MMW) is a jazz trio that formed in 1991. The group consists of John Medeski on keyboards, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, and Chris Wood on bass.

The group was initially an acoustic jazz trio, but Medeski quickly added a Hammond organ when the difficulties of touring with a piano became apparent. This more soul jazz oriented direction led to the release of their 1996 album, Shack-man. Medeski has also utilized a number of different keyboard instruments, such as a mellotron, a melodica and a clavinet, among others.

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Medeski Martin & Wood received some of their first significant exposure outside of the New York City jazz scene by performing with Phish at their October 14, 1995 concert, and then opening for Phish and once again performing with them at their October 17, 1995 show. These appearances followed a statement by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, who said that Medeski Martin & Wood played music that made him "drive too fast". Anastasio also sat in for the second set of a Medeski Martin & Wood show on December 1, 2000. Their initial performances with Phish led to the association of the group as a jam band. In addition, their performance on John Scofield's 1997 album, A Go Go helped to further their exposure.