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Aimee Mann is an American rock musician. She began her musical career in 1982 with a punk rock band, but now sings in more acoustic, melodic styles. Her best known work was for the film Magnolia for which her songs not only featured on the soundtrack, but were an inspiration for the character development in the film.

Mann struck out on her own and founded SuperEgo Records in 1999. She self-released Bachelor No. 2 in 2000, and though initially only sold at concerts and via her website, the album became successful. The album, which included some songs from Magnolia and new material, was widely admired and Mann's "more indie than indie" success was carefully noted by other musicians.

Mann's latest album, The Forgotten Arm, is a concept album set in the 1970s about two lovers who meet at the Virginia state fair and are now on the run. The album, which was recorded mostly live and has few overdubs, was released May 3, 2005.

Aimee Mann

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