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Alter Bridge is a hard rock band whose sound is an intermixing of 1970s classic rock and contemporary hard rock. It was formed by the likes of Mark Tremonti (former lead guitarist of Creed), and the band also consists of Brian Marshall (bass), Scott Phillips (drums), and Myles Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar, and formerly of The Mayfield Four).

Alter Bridge released their debut album One Day Remains in 2004, with the first single "Open Your Eyes".

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Lead guitarist Mark Tremonti said of the first record that he would finally get to show his talent, and many of the songs indeed have solos or complicated note-riddled sections.

There is more of a rock 'n roll feel to the band when compared with Creed. Many of the tracks start off with a guitar introduction, leading in the rest of the band similarly to the previous Creed songs. The singer Myles Kennedy adds a definite change to the band, however. As opposed to the former baritone Scott Stapp, Kennedy is a tenor singer, giving more of a cutting edge type feel. Bassist Brian Marshall returned to the band, as he left Creed for the production of Weathered.

The guitar, especially the solos, uses a lot more wah than in Creed. The solos are almost entirely played on the treble pick-up as opposed to the bass pick-up in Creed. This seems to give the guitar much more presence in the music and provides better audibility of the picking style and tonal nuances of the high register notes.

Alter Bridge does not prefer to think of themselves as Creed with a new singer, but as a new band entirely, following a completely different path. The name "Alter Bridge" comes from a bridge in Mark's childhood. That bridge is located on the controversial Alter Road, at the intersection of Korte, which forms the border between the city of Detroit, Michigan and the city of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan—a boundary which he, as a child, was strictly forbidden to cross. That line of abrupt demarcation also represents a sign of enigma.

Their song "Metalingus" is currently used as WWE superstar Edge's entrance theme music, in which has made them quite noticable amongst WWE fans who may not be familiar with Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge was recently backstage at a live episode of WWE RAW, and Edge refered to Alter Bridge as the best Rock group out there right now. In addition to providing Edge's entrance theme, Alter Bridge is also responsible for the 2005 Royal Rumble theme song, "Find the Real". During the 2005 Home Run Derby in Detroit, Michigan, Alter Bridge, along with Center Fielder Johnny Damon and Catcher Mike Piazza, played "Open Your Eyes".