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Aqualung is the performance name for pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hales. Hales began songwriting at a very young age, and won a music scholarship at the age of 16. This provided him with the opportunity to have his self-created symphony, Life Cycle, performed by a 60-piece orchestra. To say this artist is a musical savant would be an understatement. In 2002, Aqualung debuted on the pop scene with his hit song "Strange and Beautiful." His first two UK albums were combined into one and released in the US using this hit's title for the album name.

After the success of his first three albums, Aqualung retreated to his home in order to reconnect with his musical passions which he felt were skewed by his mainstream successes. The resulting album, Words and Music, and the next, Magnetic North, are a testament to Hales' superb mastery of instrumentation and genre versatility.

Aqualung Tickets

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