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A British alternative rock artist and left-wing political activist, Billy Bragg mixes a number of genres into his music (rock, folk, funk), even socialist anthems like "The Internationale" and "The Red Flag." Born Stephen William Bragg in Essex, '57, his first band was "Riff Raff," playing London clubs. Disappointed, Bragg did a stint in the army.

With some unorthodox persuading, Charisma recorded Bragg's "Life's a Riot With Spy v. Spy" in '83. '84 saw the release of the politically bent "Brewin' Up with Billy Bragg." "Between the Wars" reached the top UK 20 in '85, as did his single, "A New England." In '86, "Talking With the Taxman about Poetry" was the first top 10 hit. MTV accompanied him on one of his trips to the Soviet Union.

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