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Cinderella is a hair metal band formed in Philadelphia in 1984. The group was discovered by Jon Bon Jovi in 1985 playing in a bar in Pennsylvania. Their debut album, Night Songs, was released in August 1986. At one time it sold more than 50,000 copies a week and the album eventually went triple Platinum. During their tour for the album, they opened for Bon Jovi, who remained an avid supporter of the group.

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Cinderella's second album was Long Cold Winter, released in 1988. During its tour, Cinderella joined Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Skid Row in the Moscow Music Peace Festival on August 12 & August 13, 1989. The Long Cold Winter tour ended after 254 shows and fourteen months on the road. The shows featured vocalist Tom Keifer being gently lowered to the stage from the air on his grand piano as fake snow fell.

Cinderella released their third album, Heartbreak Station, in 1990. The album was heavily influenced by Keifer's love of the blues. Unfortunately, after the Heartbreak Station tour, Keifer lost his voice. The band released a few other albums, but broke up in 1995.

Cinderella reunited in 1997 and toured the United States in the following year. They released two albums, Once Upon a... and Live at the Key Club. They also went to work recording new songs. In 2006, Cinderella will be joining metal band Poison on tour.