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Dismember is a Swedish death metal band, formed in Stockholm in 1988. After a hiatus, the band began recording in earnest in 1991 and released their debut, Like an Ever Flowing Stream in 1991. The album became an early example of Scandinavian death metal and established Dismember's fanbase, which grew with the release of the EP Pieces in 1992.

In 1993, Dismember released Indecent & Obscene, their most successful album ever. Current band members include Fred Estby (drums), Matti Karki (vocals), David Blomqvist (guitars), Martin Persson (guitars) and Tobias Christiansson (bass).

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Dismember began softening their sound in the mid-1990s, with 1995's Massive Killing Capacity's more melodic approaches. Nevertheless they attempted a return to style with 1997's Death Metal, which ultimately became a sales disappointment.

In 2000, Dismember attempted to recover some power of their first two albums and regain their once large fanbase. They released a much heavier album entitled Hate Campaign. In 2004, Dismember released Where Ironcrosses Grow, which is very similar in sound to Hate Campaign and is heavily inspired by Iron Maiden and Autopsy.

In 2006, Dismember released their seventh album The God That Never Was, continuing in the style of its predecessor. The band spent much of the year on the road in Europe and toured with Entombed, Grave and Unleashed.