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Don McLean is an American musician, most famous for his 1971 ballad "American Pie." McLean got his start on the folk scene with the 1969 album, Tapestry, which was recorded in Berkley, CA during the student riots.

McLean has recorded over twenty albums, including his most recent release, 2009's Addicted to Black. has supplied preferred seating and difficult to obtain tickets for all Sports , Theater, and Concert events worldwide for 25 years.

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Other well-known songs include

"And I Love You So" - covered by Elvis Presley, a 1973 hit for Perry Como
"Vincent" (a tribute to the 19th century Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh)
"Castles in the Air"

A poem about McLean, "Killing Me Softly With His Blues" by Lori Lieberman, was reworked into a song called "Killing Me Softly" by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel. Lieberman was the first to record it (in 1971), but the song has two far better-known covers. The first major hit version was by Roberta Flack in 1973; nearly a quarter-century later (1996), another version was a major hit for The Fugees.