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HIM, an alternative rock band from Finland, was formed in 1991 by vocalist Ville Hermanni Valo, along with Mikko Viljami "Linde" Lindstrem and Mikko Heinrik Julius "Mige" Paananen. The band started as a Black Sabbath cover band, and the name HIM originally stood for His Infernal Majesty; Ville Valo denies any Satanic intent.

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After many lineup changes, the band now consists of Valo, Linde, Migé, their 3rd Keyboardist Janne Johannes "Burton" Purttinen, and their 2nd drummer Mika Kirstian "Gas" Karppinen. The band is also widely recognizable by their heartagram design. It consists of a heart and a pentagram, which symbolizes the contrast between life and death or love and hate or even love and death togeather. Ville has also said that "the heartagram stands for HIM as a band, as an entity, and for 'love metal' in general." Despite a common misconception perpetuated by their sign, HIM is not a satanic band.

Valo claims the band is a "gothic love metal band."