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Jars Of Clay is a four-member Christian band formed at Greenville College in Greenville, IL. The band has been praised for the unique mix of pop, folk, rock, and mild electronica. The religious overtones, acoustic guitars, and programmed drum loops of their early work have led people to refer to them as a Christian Rock band, despite the band's lack of a permanent drummer and bassist.

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The band's debut album, Jars Of Clay, was released in 1995 and one of the songs, "Flood", became a hit in Christian radio stations and the album eventually went double platinum. In 1997, Jars Of Clay released their second album, Much Afraid, which won them a Grammy. Their 1999, third album, If I Left The Zoo, reached gold status and also earned them a Grammy.

Jars Of Clay has released many more albums since and have toured in support of bands such as PFR and Michael W. Smith. They have even toured with areligious bands like Matchbox Twenty and Sting.

Jars Of Clay is working on a new project, entitled Good Monsters, that is set for release in late 2006. A tour is expected to Follow the release of the album.