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Poi Dog Pondering is a band based in Chicago, Illinois. It was formed in the mid-1980s and revolves around the music of lead singer-songwriter Frank Orrall. Poi Dog Pondering began in 1985 in Orrall's native Hawaii. The band traveled throughout the continental United States and in 1987 settled in Austin, Texas.

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Poi Dog Pondering Tickets

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Lyrically, many songs paint slice-of-life portraits of people and situations, without telling a story ("Living with the Dreaming Body", "Wood Guitar"). The song topics vary widely, from the joys of eating breakfast ("Toast and jelly", the coda to "Postcard from a Dream") to Environmentalism ("Ancient Egyptians").

Using a wide varitey of instruments, Poi Dog Pondering altered the traditional verse-chorus-bridge structure of modern popular music. In some songs, melodic interludes entirely replace choruses, featuring lengthy, intricate solos blending the tin whistle, violin, trumpet, or other instruments in the Poi Dog menagerie (e.g. "Living with the Dreaming Body", "Bury me Deep"). Some polynesian influences are evident("Aloha Honolulu", written by bass player Bruce Hughes, and the introduction to "Circle round the sun"). Following the move the Chicago, the influence of house music became more apparent.