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Primal Scream are a rock group formed in Glasgow, Scotland, headed by Bobby Gillespie. The current lineup also includes Andrew Innes (guitar), Robert Young (guitar), Martin Duffy (keyboardist), Gary Mounfield (bassist) and Darrin Mooney (drummer). Primal Scream has been through several lineups and musical styles, with Gillespie being the only constant element.

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Primal Scream Tickets

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Formed in Glasgow by Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie, primal Scream began as a psychedelic rock group, with a formless, loud, guitar-based sound influenced by the primal scream therapy theory. The music was intended to be somewhat instinctual and primal in nature. Primal Scream's debut album, Sonic Flower Groove (1987), encapsulated this sound with classic tracks like "Imperial" and "Gentle Tuesday". The highlight of their early work is undoubtedly the "Crystal Crescent" B-side "Velocity Girl", a 90 second pop classic which had quite an influence on "Made Of Stone" by The Stone Roses.

Primal Scream released their latest album, Riot City Blues, in 2006. It was their first album in four years.