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The Appleseed Cast is an indie rock band based in Lawrence, Kansas, and is made up of Christopher Crisci (singer/guitarist), Aaron Pillar (guitarist), Marc Young (bassist) and Aaron Coker (drummer).

The group released an EP entitled, Middle States, in 2011. They are also the subject of a documentary which focuses on the creation of Low Level Owl Volume I and II and the journey the band has taken to this point. The film is due out in 2012.

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The Appleseed Cast formed in 1997 in Southern California with Crisci and Pillar joining bassist Jason Wickersheim and drummer Louie Ruiz under the name December's Tragic Drive (derived from lyrics of the song, "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate). The following year, the band - now billed as The Appleseed Cast - signed to Deep Elm Records out of North Carolina and released their debut album, The End Of The Ring Wars, an album which met with considerable approval from the emo and underground scenes, as incendiary tracks like "Marigold & Patchwork" were essentially blueprints for the emo style. However, the album was also criticized in some quarters (most notably by Pitchforkmedia) for sticking too closely to a style already well explored by previous acts such as Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate.

The Appleseed Cast has released numerous albums and gone through a variety of lineup changes throughout the years. Their latest album is the 2006 release, Peregrine.