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The Dresden Dolls are a two-piece band from Boston that formed mid-2000, made up of singer/pianist Amanda Palmer and drummer/occasional guitarist and vocalist Brian Viglione. They describe their style as "Brechtian punk cabaret", and have exposed an underground Dark Cabaret movement that gained momentum in 2005. In March 2005, The Dresden Dolls supported Nine Inch Nails on tour.

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The Dresden Dolls Tickets

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The Dresden Dolls found a loyal cult following through the efforts of their dramatic live performances. During these performances the two band members wear make-up and clothing that combines a cabaret, goth and mime look. They encourage fans to become involved at their shows through The Brigade, which is a loose group of performers, networked through the Internet, that range from performance artist to theatrical performers that participate at The Dresden Dolls' shows, encouraged by the band members themselves.

The band's name, according to Palmer, was "inspired by a combination of things", including the firebombing of Dresden, Germany, and the porcelain dolls which were a hallmark of prewar Dresden industry. Additionally, she "liked the parallel between Dresden (destruction) and Dolls (innocence, delicacy)", because it is very much in keeping with the dynamics of the music, which sometimes goes from a childlike whisper to a banshee scream within a few seconds.

The Dresden Dolls had two songs represented highly in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2004, with "Girl Anachronism" at #30 and "Coin-Operated Boy" at #12.