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The Saw Doctors are a folk-rock band from Tuam, County Galway in the west of Ireland. They take their name from that of itinerant craftsmen who once traveled from sawmill to sawmill sharpening and repairing saws.

Formed in 1986, The Saw Doctors has consisted of many different bandmembers over the years. Leo Moran and Davy Carton have been the only constant presences in the band's ever-shifting lineup. The Saw Doctors have recorded a modest number of albums throughout their career, however, they are constantly touring and are renowned for their enthusiastic live performances.

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The Saw Doctors are often compared with American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen due to their frequent invocation of local atmosphere, haunts and characters as well as for their penchant for singing about ordinary people's lives in economically difficult times. Some of The Saw Doctors' songs take possibly autobiographical youthful memories -- for example, of an attractive schoolgirl from the local Catholic boarding school ("Presentation Boarder"), of a missed opportunity to score a goal in a gaelic football game ("Broke My Heart"), of driving with a father while he points out local landmarks ("Galway and Mayo"), of first love ("Red Cortina"), of clumsy teenage efforts at seduction ("D'ya Wanna Hear My Guitar?"), of dreary Irish summers ("Will it Ever Stop Raining?") and of farmers' harvest banter ("Hay Wrap") -- and weave them into wry but often touching portraits of rural Irish life. Other songs, written from more mature, serious perspectives, explore themes such as depression and desperation ("Same Oul' Town", "Sing a Powerful Song", "To Win Just Once"); emigrant longings for home ("N17", "The Green and Red of Mayo", "Midnight Express", "Going Home"); and cravings for adult love, acceptance and togetherness ("Share the Darkness", "Clare Island", "Wake up Sleeping").