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The Streets is a British rap/garage band from Birmingham, UK. Led by Mike Skinner, only he and Johnny Drum Machine have appeared on every album. Frequent live performers, signature gestures include "Go Low" (audience drops to the floor) and "Go Moses" (audience parts while Skinner runs through. They are frequent guests of major festivals.

The Streets began with Locked On label in 2000 in "Has It Come To This?" The original debut material, though, was "Original Pirate Material," nominated for a Mercury Prize. The '02 single, "Fit But You Know It" is the highest-selling single thus far. The third album, "Never Went To Church" was underpinned by The Beatle's "Let It Be," and the last album in '08 was entitled "Everything is Borrowed." A mixtape album, "Cyberspace and Reds" was announced in 2010.

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