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TV on the Radio is a New York City avant-garde indie rock band formed in 2001 whose music spans genres as diverse as free jazz, a cappella/doo-wop, trip-hop and electro.

TV on the Radio has released several EPs including their debut Young Liars (2003), and two acclaimed albums. Their most recent, Return to Cookie Mountain (2006), received wider notice and appeared at the top of several end-of-year lists. The members are Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), David Andrew Sitek (guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/loops) along with Jaleel Bunton (drums) and Gerard Smith (bass).

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TV on the Radio's first album was the self-released OK Calculator (the title being a reference to Radiohead's seminal album OK Computer). The majority of tracks on the album are wildly different from their later sound, with elements of electronica, hip hop and turntablism. In 2003, TV on the Radio released the Young Liars EP to great critical acclaim. This was followed by their full-length debut, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes which earned the band the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize. They released a second EP, New Health Rock, later in 2004. Their most recent album, Return to Cookie Mountain, was released in 2006. The album recieved critical acclaim after its release from many sources, including Spin Magazine which named Return to Cookie Mountain its Album of the Year for 2006.

Founding band member David Andrew Sitek has produced records with such bands as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Celebration, and Liars. Tunde Adebimpe has also worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, producing and animating their Pin video. Rock icon David Bowie considers TV on the Radio one of his favorite active acts. He contributed backing vocals to the track "Province" from Return to Cookie Mountain.