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Unwritten Law is an American pop punk band that started in 1990. They broke out in 1999 for their best known singles "Cailin'" and "Seein' Red". They released their latest single "Save Me" in December 2004 which appears on their latest album, Here's to the Mourning, released in February 2005.

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Unwritten Law Tickets

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Unwritten Law has stated that they play most of their songs acoustically before ever adding metal effects. This unorthodox approach towards punk music is perhaps one of their most unusual attributes.

The group grew up in the same rock scene that produced longtime friends Blink 182. The original members of Unwritten Law watched themselves transform from a thrash punk garage band into international stars. Unwritten Law's Elva album was the #1 selling rock album in Australia in 2003 and they have toured extensively there, as well as touring all over the U.S. since the mid-1990's.