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Born in 1963, the Swedish virtuoso guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist is known for his neo-classical approach to playing heavy metal. It spawned a new style in the '80s, in which he became one of the most technically proficient of all time. Malmsteen was a pioneer of shred guitar as well. His first solo album, "Rising Force," came out in '84, when he won Guitar Player of the Year Award, and was nominated for a Grammy.

"Marching Out" was released in '85, and a third album, "Trilogy," came out in '86. In the '90s, Malmsteen recorded for the Japanese label, Pony Canyon (Magnum Opus, '95, Inspiration, '96, Facing The Animal, '97, Double Live, '99.) In '05, "Unleash The Fury" became popular among file-sharing networks. "Relentless" was released in 2010.

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