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Wang Theatre at Citi Performing Arts Center [Map]
Sun, 26 Nov 2017 7:00 PM
Boston , Massachusetts United States


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  Section Row Price (Each) #Available  
  BALC L  CC  US $105.00  
  BALC R  FF  US $105.00  
  BALC R  US $105.00  
  BALC L  BB  US $110.00  
  BALCLC  FF  US $110.00  
  BALCRC  FF  US $115.00  
  BALC L  EE  US $120.00  
  BALC R  AA  US $120.00  
  BALC R  US $155.00  
  BOX R3  US $165.00  
  BALC C  US $175.00  
  BALC C  US $190.00  
  PIT LC  US $205.00  
  BALC C  US $220.00  
  ORCH C  US $255.00  
  ORCH C  US $260.00  
  ORCHLC  US $265.00  
  ORCHLC  US $280.00  
  BALC L  DD  US $285.00  
  BALC R  CC  US $285.00  
  BALCLC  AA  US $295.00  
 View Notes ORCHLC  US $300.00  
  BALCONY  FF  US $320.00  
  PIT RC  US $320.00  
 View Notes ORCHRC  US $325.00  
  PIT RC  US $330.00  
 View Notes ORCHLC  US $345.00  
  BALCONY  AA  US $355.00  
  ORCHRC  US $355.00  
  ORCH  DD  US $430.00  
  ORCH  BOX  US $525.00  
  ORCH CENTER  DD  US $525.00  
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