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The Kennedy Center For The Perf. Arts [Map]
Sun, 9 Sep 2018 7:30 PM
Washington , District of Columbia United States

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  Section Row Price (Each) #Available  
  SECOND TIER  US $500.00  
 View Notes ORCHESTRA  FF  US $505.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $530.00  
 View Notes ORCHESTRA  US $540.00  
 View Notes FIRST TIER  US $580.00  
 View Notes SECOND TIER  US $615.00  
  SECOND TIER  US $615.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $955.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $1,050.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $1,300.00  
 View Notes STANDARD HOTEL  PACKAGE  US $1,410.00  
  ORCHESTRA  DD  US $1,475.00  
 View Notes DELUXE HOTEL  PACKAGE  US $1,490.00  
  ORCH CENTER  DD  US $2,110.00  

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