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Pantages Theatre [Map]
Thu, 24 May 2018 8:00 PM
Los Angeles , California United States

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  Section Row Price (Each) #Available  
 View Notes ORCHR  US $95.00  
 View Notes ORCHL  US $100.00  
 View Notes ORCHL  RR  US $105.00  
 View Notes ORCHR  QQ  US $110.00  
 View Notes MEZZ RIGHT  US $150.00  
 View Notes MEZZANINE RIGHT  US $155.00  
  MEZZLC  US $200.00  
  MEZZRC  US $200.00  
 View Notes MEZZ LT CTR  US $205.00  
 View Notes MEZZ RT CTR  US $205.00  
  MEZZRC  US $205.00  
  ORCH LEFT  PP  US $205.00  
 View Notes MEZZ CENTER  US $210.00  
 View Notes MEZZANINE CENTER  US $215.00  
 View Notes ORCHESTRA RIGHT CENTER  XX  US $220.00  
  ORCHLC  US $230.00  
  ORCHRC  US $250.00  
  ORCHLC  US $265.00  
  ORCH  US $390.00  
  ORCH R CENTER  US $470.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $480.00  
  ORCH L CENTER  US $535.00  
  ORCHRC  US $565.00  
  ORCH CENTER  US $750.00  
  ORCH CENTER  US $790.00  
  ORCH CENTER  US $895.00  

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