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Cobb Great Hall [Map]
Sun, 29 Jul 2018 1:00 PM
East Lansing , Michigan United States


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  Section Row Price (Each) #Available  
  GH TIER  US $135.00  
  ORCH  US $145.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $145.00  
  ORCH RIGHT  US $150.00  
  ORCH RIGHT  US $155.00  
  ORCH LEFT  US $160.00  
  ORCH  US $165.00  
  ORCH  US $245.00  
  ORCH  US $255.00  
  ORCH LEFT  BB  US $265.00  
  ORCH RIGHT  BB  US $290.00  
  ORCH  AA  US $315.00  
  ORCH  BB  US $320.00  
  ORCH RIGHT  AA  US $325.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $340.00  
  ORCH LEFT  AA  US $345.00  
  ORCH  AA  US $350.00  
  GRAND TIER  US $520.00  
  ORCHESTRA  US $605.00  

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Lion King

Cody (2)
I went to the musical in London .It was just amazing, better than the movie! It was the best play I've ever seen!
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