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Sun, 15 Jul 2018 1:10 PM
Cleveland , Ohio United States


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New York Yankees Fan Reviews

Pinstripes for Ever

Guy (2)

Even though I live in Masshole, I loveeeee the Yankees. The New Yankee Stadium is amazing check it out.
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all baseball fans...

Mark (2)
you must visit the new Yankee Stadium. They've preserved the historical artifacts from the old stadium and done a pretty good job maintaining the feel. Albeit, the new stadium is so massive its hard to believe there aren't that many bad seats. Get there early, there is so much to do AND EAT!!
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the house that ruth built

Ryan (25)
The first time I went to yankee stadium i couldn't get over just how big it is. Yes, it's in a rough area, there are some crappy seats, and the food sucks, but this is yankee stadium. Mickeym Joe-D, and the Babe played here... and for any true baseball fan you can almost feel their presence when you are there. I loved everything from watching batting practice, hearing the bleacher creatures do the roll call in the first, and hearing new york new york played after a yankee win. A game at Yankee stadium is an experience in itself, and it's worht a trip to the big apple just to see a game there.
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