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/ Edmonton Oilers
Rogers Arena Vancouver, BC
Rogers Arena [Map]
Sun, 16 Dec 2018 7:00 PM
Vancouver , British Columbia Canada

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  Front Row behind Players Bench (Special price is for pairs only) SPECIAL!
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  Front Row on the Glass - sections 116-118 (Special price is for pairs only) SPECIAL!
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Overall Average Vancouver Canucks Rating

Vancouver Canucks Fan Reviews

Not a bad Seat in the house

Serena (7)
Great venue to see hard hitting hockey!
: 14   : 2

Canucks strike back

Shahriar (1)
Great seats thanks to showtime. Great atmosphere. Great match. Let's hope next experience is as enjoyable as this first one....
: 6   : 2


Karin (1)
My name is Adam and I'm only 5 years old-my Daddy took me ,my brother and 2 other children to the game on sunday-thanks to ShowTime Tickets we got great seats-I went myself to give a hug to ORCA and even asked if I can play on the drum-and I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-that was awsome.My second highlight of my first live Canucks game -was- my little face on a big screen during the second period-I put the emty popcorn basket on my head and and a minut later I saw myself on the screen -all of us play hockey in Langley and Burnaby-so we enjoyed very much the win -we hope to be back for another game before Christmas-we will use ShowTime Ticket services once again.
: 3   : 0

Wellwood Night

Omar (1)
With Daniel Sedin recently returning to the lineup and Burrows trying to get back to his prior year scoring clip, the focus was on the top line going into the game. There was some great goaltending and highlight reel saves by J. Quick from the Kings and Luongo. The first line delivered with Burrows scoring first and Henrik Sedin scoring the winner as we sat in the balcony behind the net of the opposition. However the storyline was when the 3rd goal was credited to Glass instead of Wellwood. The crowd began the chant of "Let's go Wellwood." When the Kings pulled their goalie at 3-1 the crowd's chant grew stronger and Wellwood with the fans behind him scored the empty netter, with a standing ovation shortly after from the crowd. This was something we hadn't seen as long-time avid Canuck Fans, and that's why we go to the games!!
: 1   : 0


Lutgarda (1)
Great that the canucks won buit my boyfriend is an Oilers fan, so was sad for him
: 1   : 0

3-1 loss still worth it!

James (1)
Great game to watch, even though they lost. It was really exciting to see Shane O'Brien get his first goal of the season, I think the fans were more excited than he was! Don't miss out, see a game!
: 1   : 0

canucks win

tyler (1)
Great game, very entertaining and showtime upgraded my tickets which was awesome! Definately worth buying tickets again and enjoying another great night!
: 1   : 0

Canucks vs. Predators

Glenn (1)
Canucks were on top the whole game. Great playing by the Sedins. A memorable evening!
: 1   : 0


Gary (1)
Fantastic game- great seats- great value. Showtime Tickets had us in the door at a lower rate than other fans in our section! Hassle free ticket purchase is a big bonus especially when you arent getting ripped off-
: 1   : 0

Canucks vs Ducks

Simon (1)
The game was awesome and it was the first time for my son Lance to go to a game. He really enjoyed the game. Two thumbs up.
: 1   : 0

Canucks VS Avalanche April 6

Leonard (1)
Hi All..went to the Game last nite and had a great time. The best part was when we showed up @ Showtime and the had upgraded our seats at N/C ! My wife, son and I had a fantastic time, even though Vancouver lost,. Went to Overtime and then a shoot-out. Sure got our moneys worth LOL. Playoffs here we come !!!
: 1   : 0

go ducks

Tyler (5)
anaheim rules! even though im from toronto ;)
: 0   : 0

Canucks - Round 4, Game 1

Jean (2)
Excellent Seat right behind the Boston Goalnet in the 3 Period. Very exciting to watch. And great service from Showtime.
: 1   : 0

Canucks / Round 4, Game 2

Jean (2)
Awesome seats. Great job by Showtime with the upgrades once again.
: 1   : 0

Canucks vs Nashville game

York (1)
Good seats at a good price.
: 1   : 0

Great game!

Michael (1)
Paid for the deal on the cheapest seats, showed up late to pick them up and they were 5th row balcony at the center line! Not to mention the overtime win!
: 1   : 0

Best Game of the Year!

Christopher (1)
The Washington Capitals only come to the west coast every two years to play the Vancouver Canucks, and my brother was visiting from Williams Lake, so decided to splurge on Plaza Best seats... It was the best game I've been to @ Rogers Arena, two highly talented teams tied @ 4-4 going into the 3rd, where Vancouver blew them out of the water with 3 more beautiful goals to make a 7-4 victory statement against one of the best teams in the league.
: 0   : 0

Canucks vs Senators

David (1)
Great to see Burr back. Damn, he almost scored on his second shift! Canucks did not play well enough to win but almost did. Lets see what Boesser can do.
: 0   : 0

gm place

Ryan (25)
as a canucks fan growing up in vancouver i have a lifetime of memories going to games with my old man, right back to the old coliseum. The canucks don't always have the best team on the ice, but you know you're going to get a good effort every night, and from someone who has traveled quite a bit and seen games in a few cities I can say that the canuck fans are some of the best in the game. No matter how the team is playing they pack the place every night, have great knowledge of the game, and cheer on their team as well as any great canadian fans do. The one knock on gm place is the food, they don't have much of a selection. I sit in the club section for most games where they do have a better menue, and I must add that if you have the chance make sure you order the steak panini lol... It's the best item in the place for sure. Other than that I really like the fact that there really isn't a bad seat in the whole building, and it truly is one of the best places to watch any event.
: 8   : 1