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Sharks ruin perfect Canucks preseason run

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

With a hotly contested 4-3 game Sunday night, the San Jose Sharks put an end to a perfect Canucks preseason and paid Vancouver back for putting an end to their Stanley Cup ambitions last year. It may have been the addition of Tommy Wingels (who scored two goals against Vancouver), or it may have been the Canucks’ inability to properly use their late-game advantage to catch up, but the Sharks put on a much better show than the last time the two teams crossed paths.

With this win, the Sharks continue their flawless preseason record. Expect a furious match when the Canucks and Sharks play for real on November 26.

Bruins take a lopsided Game 3

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

So close to drinking from the Stanley Cup the Vancouver Canucks could taste it, and then they went and just about gave up. The Boston Bruins were fighting for their lives and playing as if this were Game 7. It combined together to make for a lopsided game that left the Canucks in the dust.

The first period was a push for both teams to get that first goal. Unfortunately this period can only be known by seeing Bruins’ Nathan Horton being carried out on a stretcher to Massachusetts General Hospital. Horton is stated as having a severe concussion and will be out for the rest of the Finals. Canucks’ Aaron Rome, who delivered the hit, has been given a four game suspension that will carry over into next season if the Finals don’t go to 7 games.

This seemed to rally the Bruins, who put themselves ahead with a four goal lead in the second period.

It became an emotional game in the third period, as 20 penalties were racked up between the two teams, adding to a total of 145 penalty minutes for the whole game. The Canucks tried to fight back, with Jannik Hansen getting a goal. It wasn’t enough though as Boston went on to get an additional four.

The last time a team won with such a lopsided result was back in 1996, when Colorado beat Florida 8-1. The only other time a team has won by so much, was in 1991 when Pitsburgh beat Minnesota 8-0.

Game 4 happens Wednesday, June 8, at 5pm PDT in Boston. Tickets are available for Game 4 itself or our VIP Stanley Cup Road Trip. You can also special order tickets for the Stanley Cup Viewing Party at Rogers Arena with 50% of proceeds going to charity!

The Green Men are heading to Games 3 and 4

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

They stand out in the crowd like beacons in the darkness. It’s Green Men, and they’ve become an institution at Vancouver Canucks home games.

Their first appearance was December 2009, meant to be a one time thing. Canucks fans went nuts for the Green Men, and since then they have made regular appearances at the game. Typically spotted next to the opponents penalty box, the Force and Sully taunt the opposition’s players and get in their heads. The duo have gained international notoriety for their antics.

They even travelled to Nashville for the Western Conference Semifinal.

For the Stanley Cup Final Games 3 and 4, they’re heading to Boston. TravelZoo has sponsored the duo, getting them an all expenses paid to Beantown for the game. They’ll be behind the Boston net, ready to heckle Tim Thomas. Known for their props (inlcuding cardboard cutouts of Carrie Underwood and Ben Affleck wearing Canucks jerseys), they won’t say what tricks they have up their sleeves for being in Boston.

If you don’t feel like dressing up in green spandex to get to the games, there are still tickets available for tonight’s Game 2 in Vancouver! The puck drops at 5pm PDT at Rogers Arena.