NHL 2012/2013 Regular Season Schedule Released

By Jon

The National Hockey League’s 2012-13 season will face off with four games on Oct. 11, followed by raising the first Stanley Cup championship banner in Los Angeles one night later.

Opening night will feature nationally televised doubleheaders in both the United States and Canada. In the U.S., NBC Sports will air the Boston Bruins visiting the Philadelphia Flyers, followed by the St. Louis Blues at the Colorado Avalanche. In Canada, CBC will televise the Montreal Canadiens playing host to the Ottawa Senators, followed by the Calgary Flames hosting the Vancouver Canucks.

Here are the schedules for all 30 NHL teams for the 2012-13 season (crossing our fingers that a new CBA gets worked out, that is):

Anaheim Ducks Nashville Predators
Boston Bruins New Jersey Devils
Buffalo Sabres New York Islanders
Calgary Flames New York Rangers
Carolina Hurricanes Ottawa Senators
Chicago Blackhawks Philadelphia Flyers
Colorado Avalanche Phoenix Coyotes
Columbus Blue Jackets Pittsburgh Penguins
Dallas Stars San Jose Sharks
Detroit Red Wings St. Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers Tampa Bay Lightning
Florida Panthers Toronto Maple Leafs
Los Angeles Kings Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild Washington Capitals
Montreal Canadiens Winnipeg Jets


Unfortunately, for many teams on the West, the schedules are looking a little slim when it comes to highly anticipated match ups. With a lack of Vancouver home games against some Eastern big name teams like Jets, Capitals, Penguins and Sabres some of us wonder why the NHL doesn’t make more of an effort to ensure every team plays all it opponents once at home. Those teams on the East Coast have fought hard in the past to negate this, citing too much travel time…but in my opinion that’s hardly a good excuse for West Coast fans who pay big bucks for a ticket.

Do you think concerns from Eastern teams regarding the wear and tear of traveling west are valid? Or would you rather see them head west more often regardless of the fatigue it might cause over the season?

Tickets have not yet been released yet for the upcoming season, but you can be sure that ShowTimeTickets.com will have them for every team and every game when the puck drops!


The Canucks are looking a little lonely in the Pacific NW...(looking at you, Seattle!)

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