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2012 NHL Playoff Picks

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

By Kat

We’re just one more sleep away from the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs and the start of another two months of hockey drama. Last year’s playoffs were laden with rivalries, upsets, near-comebacks and Game 7s for the ages; parity in the league has only grown since then, so I would nothing less than the excitement from last year to repeat itself. (more…)

Vancouver Canucks take Conference in Game 5 2OT Win

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

It seems appropriate that on the anniversary of the Vancouver Canucks winning the Western Conference Final that sent them to their last Stanley Cup Final they do a repeat performance. That’s right, after 17 years the Canucks will be in the Final. Not only that but like their 1994 Canucks counterparts, they also won the game in double overtime.

The fans seemed a little out of it last night, not cheering like they typically do. I figure everyone was just holding their collective breath to see if the Canucks would end it here or if the San JoseSharks would survive to go on to Game 6.

The game itself can be highlighted by numerous great saves by Roberto Luongo, who made 54 saves including 20 in overtime. There were far fewer penalties this game that we saw in Game 4.

First period saw Alex Burrows scoring the first goal of the game at 8:02, with a Sedin to Sedin assist. Vancouver took hooking and slashing penalties, putting Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler in the box for two minutes each.

The Sharks tied it up in the second period on a power play, with Dan Boyle getting it in on a wrist shot. Kevin Bieska was in the box at the time for high sticking. The Sharks’ Torrey Mitchell took a penalty for tripping, and three minutes later Raffi Torres got it for too many men on the ice.

Twenty-four seconds into the third period, Devin Setoguchi put the Sharks ahead against the Sedin line. Luongo foibled badly, coming too far out of the net to possibly stop the goal. It seemed like the end for the Canucks, until literally the last few seconds of the game Ryan Kesler managed to score. 13.2 seconds to be exact. Despite a lower body injury that made him leave the game for a while in the second period, the doctors patched him up and he came back.

This lead to two sudden death overtimes. The first was relatively quiet, with more great saves by Luongo. The second had a near miss for Chris Higgins, who had a beautiful breakaway but couldn’t quite get it past Antti Niemi. Then in a move that nobody else saw (literally, Canucks and Sharks alike had lost track of the puck), Bieksa landed a knuckle puck right in the net with 9:42 left in 2OT. “It was probably the ugliest goal of my career, but the biggest.”

Henrik Sedin accepted the Clarence S Campbell Bowl on behalf of the Vancouver Canucks, now the Western Conference Champions.

The Stanley Cup Final games won’t be scheduled until we know who takes the Eastern Conference Final (who will it be… Bruins or Lightning?). But check back here as I’ll keep you updated when tickets go on sale.

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Between Friends

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

canucks2One problem with having friends from around the world is that there’s one clear thing we don’t get along on: Hockey. I’m sure any hockey loving fan knows how that goes. You’re best of friends until the NHL playoffs start, and then it’s time to poke fun at them as your team kicks their team to the curb (because of course your team will always win, right?)

This playoff season has been interesting for me, because the Vancouver Canucks have gone up against teams that some of my friends are actually fans of.

In the Western Conference Semifinal, the Canucks faced off against the Nashville Predators. Originally from Tennessee, my friend Matt currently lives in Alabama. Though admittedly we don’t talk hockey a lot, it was still fun to poke fun as the Preds lost 4-2.

Now with the Canucks up against the San Jose Sharks, it’s my friend Jeremy and I going head to head as he’s from the San Francisco area. He’d gone out of town for a week for holidays, but secretly I think it’s his way of avoiding my hockey chatter.

I do admit I’m a good sport about it, and my friends know it’s all in good fun.

For the Eastern Conference, my friend Kathy is a big Philadelphia Flyer fan. She lives, eats, breathes the Flyers. Being knocked out in Round 2 against the Boston Bruins, she’s had to focus her attention on one of her favourite former Flyers players: Simon Gagne. Such a fan is she that when Kathy comes to visit me here in Vancouver in two weeks she’s planning on wearing her Gagne jersey – despite whatever reaction she might get from Canucks fans.

Has love for opposing teams gotten between you and your friends?

Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals happens tonight here in Vancouver. Puck drops at 6 pm PDT.

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