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“That could be on YouTube or something”: Rick Mercer at Jets practice

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

The Winnipeg Jets are in the thick of the Eastern conference playoff hunt, but that doesn’t mean they’re too busy for a little fun. Comedian and TV host Rick Mercer was invited to an on-ice practice session with the Jets’ GST line (Glass-Slater-Thorburn) and goaltender Chris Mason. Whether you’re a Jets fan or not, you won’t want to miss this behind-the-scenes peek into the daily grind of the NHL.

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Winnipeg Jets Rumours Still Flying

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

There was supposed to be an announcement today regarding the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg. That announcement never happened, and though negotiations are still in the works between Winnipeg’s True North Sports and Entertainment and the Atlanta Spirit Group, I figured I’d give you the rundown of some of the “true but not true” rumours still going on regarding the move.

The first is that the remaining prospective Atlanta buyer has dropped out of the bid to keep the team in their city. The deal expired and the buyer didn’t step up to the plate.

If the Jets do make a comeback they will stay in the Southeast Division for the 2011-2012 season. That will give the NHL another year to figure out how to realign the league to better include the possible Winnipeg team. That would mean the Jets main rivals would be the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Florida Panthers, the Carolina Hurricanes, and the Washington Capitals.

Winnipeg mayor Sam Kurtz expects an announcement on the Thrashers/Jets move to be made before the week is out, though nothing official has been set. The mayor is still adamant that the name “Jets” won’t be making a comeback if the team do.

One question that remains on a lot of fans minds is what will happen to the Manitoba Moose, the Vancouver Canucks’ current farm team that plays out of Winnipeg’s MTS Centre. One possibility is for them to move to St John’s, Newfoundland. Former premier Danny Williams has come forward to state that the city is very close to closing a deal to take the Moose out east.

Until an official announcement is made, fans of the Winnipeg Jets will just have to keep waiting on pins and needles to see if their beloved team comes home.

One Step Closer to a Winnipeg Jets Return

Friday, May 20th, 2011

I almost screamed when I heard the news: the Winnipeg Jets are just about home!!

winnipegjetsThe Globe and Mail was reporting last night that a deal had been signed to move the Atlanta Thrashers up to Winnipeg. And while that news might have jumped the gun a little bit with nobody yet confirming the move, that hasn’t stopped Winnipegers cheering anyway (myself included). Dedicated Jets fans gathered at the windiest intersection in Canada – Portage and Main – last night to celebrate the news.

This will be the first time the city has seen an NHL franchise since the Jets left for Phoenix in 1996.

With this news comes the rumours that if the Jets return to Winnipeg, they might not be called the Jets at all. True North Sports and Entertainment, the ones behind the move and the owners of MTS Centre where the “possible” Jets would be playing, are said to have already come up with new possible monikers for the team. Rumours even include the regional portion changing to Manitoba rather than Winnipeg to gain more provincial support. This disappoints many Jets fans, since with the name comes a great history stretching back to the WHA.

According to The Globe and Mail, an announcement will be made Tuesday regarding the Jets return. In the meantime fans will continue to wait with baited breath to see if their team returns home.