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Doodlebops Live! is a one of a kind family-friendly live children's musical and comedy show. The production is based on the musical group and television series, both of which are entitled "Doodlebops" and are centered around goofy, fictional characters. Doodlebops Live! is the live version of the production and features a mix of Doodlebops music, skits, dancing and comedy. The show incorporates various fun and flashy costumes and characters, video footage and stage performances. The production is not just entertaining for children, but also promises to teach important and essential social lessons.

After a successful Mall tour in 2005 and Canadian and American tours in 2006, Doodlebops Live! continued in 2007 on a second live tour. Doodlebops Live! is currently touring various American venues on this second tour, which ends on April 20, 2008.

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