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Baseball is not only a sport, but a slice of authentic Americana. The game involves a large field, with several bases and a batter who attempts to hit a ball and run across the bases to score a "run", with the opposing team preventing them from doing so. The team that scores the most runs gets the most points and wins the game.

While it is not certain when or where baseball first came about, some trace its roots all the way back to the 19th or 18th century. The version of the sport known today however, was created initially by Americans, making it one of the only American-created popular sports played around the world. Over the years, baseball has taken off and it's now played professionally in various other countries, including Cuba and Japan. In the U.S, the sport is also played in a variety of leagues, from the MLB, to AAA, to NCAA, to several other professional and amateur Adult and Youth Leagues.

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