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NCAA Women's Final Four is the peak of March Madness when the top four women's college basketball teams in the country face off after three weeks of competition in the biggest tournament of the year. The tournament begins with 64 teams and is based on single elimination play.

As one of the nation's most prominent sports events, NCAA Women's Final Four sees basketball's future stars competing for glory. The term, Final Four, refers to the last four teams remaining the playoff tournament. These are the champions of the tournament's four regional brackets, and the only teams remaining on the tournament's final weekend.

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NCAA Women's Final Four Tickets

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Past winning teams in the Women's Final Four include:

    2006: Maryland
    2005: Baylor
    2004: UConn
    2003: UConn
    2002: UConn
    2001: Notre Dame
    2000: UConn
    1999: Purdue
    1998: Tennessee
    1997: Tennessee
    1996: Tennessee
    1995: UConn
    1994: North Carolina
    1993: Texas Tech
    1992: Stanford
    1991: Tennessee
    1990: Stanford
    1989: Tennessee
    1988: Louisiana Tech
    1987: Tennessee
    1986: Texas
    1985: Old Dominion
    1984: Southern California
    1983: Southern California
    1982: Louisiana Tech