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Friday Night Fights is a television boxing show on the American channel, ESPN2. It showcases a series of live boxing fights on Friday nights, which debuted in the fall of 1998 is hosted from the ESPN studio by ESPN's Brian Kenny and a guest host, usually a current or former boxer.

Ringside commentary is provided by Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas. Previous seasons have featured boxing analyst Max Kellerman alongside Brian Kenny and sportscaster Bob Papa in Tessitore's role ringside with Atlas. has supplied preferred seating and difficult to obtain tickets for all Sports, Theater, and Concert events worldwide for 25 years.

Friday Night Fights Tickets

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The usual set-up of the night is three matches. The first being eight rounds, the second being four, and the main event being either ten or twelve rounds. This is not always the case, though, as some matches will inevitably end early due to a knockout, disqualification, or accidental head-butt. In the event of the first fight ending early, the second match will usually move from four rounds up to six rounds. If enough fights end early, after the main event a match originally not supposed to be televised will be shown, another four-round match.

Between fights the show goes back to ESPN studios for Brian Kenny to talk about recent boxing news and/or have an interview with someone in the boxing world. Notable interviews include Bernard Hopkins, Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright and Sugar Ray Leonard, among others. The people being interviewed may or may not be in the studio with Brian. Special guests can also appear ringside. They usually only stay as guest commentators for one or two rounds and might possibly stay for a quick interview between rounds, although usually the show has commercials between rounds. Guest commentators include "Baby" Joe Mesi and Bernard Hopkins. Title matches are not uncommon on Friday Night Fights, either. Usually this will only happen for minor belts, or if a belt (regardless of prestige) has been vacated and needs a champion.