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The Telus World Skins Game is the biggest professional golf event in Canada. The annual contest features five world class professional golfers, each from a different country, competing for holes, or "skins", each of which is worth a different dollar value. While the player to capture the most skins and therefore the most money wins the tournament, golfers who capture one or more skins but do not place first, also get paid accordingly.

Because of the Telus World Skins Game's per-hole structure for determining how much each golfer gets payed and what their standing in the game is, the Skins Game leads to some of the most competitive action in all of professional sports. Furthermore, because the tournament is a Canadian tradition, at least one of the golfers chosen to play is typically from Canada and the venue of each year's game is in Canada.

Get your Telus World Skins Game tickets and get in on all the action and excitement that is professional golf.

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