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Hockey, along with other sports such as basketball and soccer, is one of the world's most recognized, celebrated and heavily played competitive team sports. The common objective of all types of hockey is for a team to use hockey sticks to get a puck or ball into a net, protected by a goalie and defended along the way by members of the opposing team. The team with the most points (or goals) at the end of a game wins.

While ice hockey, governed by the International Hockey Federation and played in leagues such as the NHL, is the most popular form of hockey in the world, many other forms exist. These other common types of hockey include among them, field hockey, street hockey and roller hockey. As well, various minor and amateur leagues exist around the world, including the AHL, IHL, CHL, WHL, ECHL, as well as NCAA College Hockey. Furthermore, while Field hockey is played in the Summer Olympic games, Ice Hockey is one of the most popular attractions of the winter games.

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