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The Monster Trucks have revved up their engines and are ready to rumble in this year's MonsterJam. It's a dirt slinging hot rod motor spectacular as the Monster Trucks hit a course that's second to none.

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Although MonsterJam events are held year round, the traditional competitive season (when televised shows are taped) runs from January to March, with a few events to start off the season in November. During the winter run, it is not unusual for up to 10 events to be run in different areas on the same weekend, with one or two major stadium events with 10-16 trucks, and a group of smaller arena events with 4-8 trucks. The season culminates in the MonsterJam World Finals in Las Vegas in late March.

According to the USHRA in 2003 season more than 2.5 million people attended these events.

Because of the large number of events and massive popularity of the series, the list of trucks competing in the series is the longest of any promoter. The most popular trucks, which are usually featured on the television show, come from three primary groups: Trucks (or names) which are owned by Live Nation (such as Grave Digger and Madusa), independents or "privateers" (such as Gun Slinger and Avenger), and "corporate privateers" which are independently owned but sponsored by major companies (such as Bounty Hunter, sponsored by CSK Auto, and T-Maxx, sponsored by Traxxas). As some trucks are owned by Live Nation, a constant criticism is that events have the deck stacked in favor of their trucks, if not completely rigged. There is little evidence to support the claim, however, and Live Nation maintains that events are run fairly.