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The MLS All-Star Game has been held each season that Major League Soccer has existed. The set-up for the game has been far more fluid than that of All-Star games in more traditional leagues such as the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. In six out of eleven years, the Eastern Division players have played Western Division players.

The 2007 MLS All-Star Game will be held in Commerce City, Colorado, site of the new stadium of the Colorado Rapids and will be played against Celtic FC. The 2008 contest will be held in Toronto, home to the MLS' newest franchise Toronto FC. Order your MLS All-Star Game Tickets online today and experience the best in soccer live!

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MLS All-Star Game Tickets

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The MLS All-Star Game is unique in that the MLS is one of the few soccer leagues that plays an All-Star game. To many soccer fans elsewhere, international football would make any "all-star" game redundant and meaningless. In British English, an "all-star" soccer team representing a particular league or other grouping is called an XI (the Roman numeral represents the eleven players on the field). In respect of this tradition, MLS frequently referred to its starting lineup as an "XI" for its matches against Fulham and Chelsea.

Past winners of the MLS All-Star Game include:

    2006: MLA All Stars
    2005: MLA All Stars
    2004: East
    2003: MLA All Stars
    2002: MLA All Stars
    2001: East
    2000: East
    1999: West
    1998: MLS USA
    1997: East
    1996: East

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