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With its 1984 debut, The Foreigner, is a quirky, comedic play set in a fishing resort in rural Georgia. The plot, written by Larry Shue, follows two vacationing European men as they socialize with the motley array of characters whose lives are not quite what they seem. One of the two men, Charlie, is an Englishman who is so pathologically shy that he often cannot speak to others. He strikes up a deal with the other traveler, Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur, in which they pretend he does not understand English so as to avoid the need to speak. With the other guests assuming that they can speak freely in front of him since he won't understand, Charlie becomes privy to an assortment of secrets and scandals among the other guests. The show has won two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards as an off-Broadway play.

The Foreigner is a play that allows its audience to see through the social veneers of its characters into their deeper, secretive natures. Written as a comedy, this performance allows us to laugh at the idiosyncratic ways of the human race.

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