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Trash talk, personal scores between GSP and Diaz set the stage for UFC 158

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

UFC 158Throughout his sparkling UFC career, reigning welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has been known as the genteel champ – nearly invincible inside the Octagon with an equally squeaky-clean record outside it. GSP’s record in the sport did all the talking for him.

Not any more.

The gauntlet was clearly laid down between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz in a heated and expletive-filled pre-fight conference call last week, as both fighters let fly with the trash talk. Goaded by Diaz’s comments that St-Pierre was pampered and coddled by the UFC, the usually-composed GSP went shot for shot over the phone with his opponent. While Nick Diaz probably wasn’t the most worthy fighter to get a welterweight title fight, it’s clear that St-Pierre has a personal score to settle with him after Diaz’s media no-shows derailed their last scheduled fight at UFC 137.

The fight card is already touted as being one of the best in recent memory, with other bouts featuring welterweights Carlos Condit against Johny Hendricks, as well as Jake Ellenberger taking on Nate Marquardt. However, fans will get to see something truly novel at UFC 158: an angry Georges St-Pierre setting foot into the Octagon come Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

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You can listen to the conference call yourself in all its uncensored glory here:

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Georges St-Pierre to defend title vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 158 in Montreal

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

GSP is getting his wish.

Fresh off his comeback win over Carlos Condit one month ago, Georges St-Pierre is returning to the Octagon in the spring. The reigning welterweight champion is set to fight Nick Diaz in a title bout at the Bell Centre on March 16, 2013. It’s a fight that St-Pierre has been gunning for in the aftermath of his successful title defence in November, a rematch after Diaz was pulled from their UFC 137 matchup due to Diaz’s no-show at promotional events and then injury forcing St-Pierre out of another matchup back in February.

The bout between GSP and Diaz has clearly touched a nerve with the normally statesman-like St-Pierre, who was quoted as saying that Diaz has “made it personal and I personally can’t wait”. There’s bad blood between the two fighters, which should make for an especially interesting match-up come March.

Other matchups on the UFC 158 card include other welterweight bouts between Canadian Rory MacDonald and Carlos Condit, as well as Johny Hendricks taking on Jake Ellenberger. Public onsales start January 19th, but fans can pre-order their UFC 158 tickets with, where you can get any ticket, any time for all the best events worldwide!

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Georges St-Pierre set to return to UFC November 17th at the Bell Centre

Monday, October 15th, 2012

By Kat

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For the first time in months, a Canadian UFC event is getting more publicity because of who’s on the card, rather than who isn’t. Following the debacle in Calgary and the drama surrounding Jon Jones’ last-minute move from Las Vegas to the UFC 152 card in Toronto, fans with UFC 154 tickets finally have an event worth shelling money out for from the get-go.

UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre returns to the ring at the Bell Centre on November 17th to defend his welterweight championship belt against interim champion Carlos Condit. St-Pierre has missed an entire year due to a knee injury and subsequent time spent in rehab. In contrast with the war of words that surrounded Jon Jones’ move to UFC 152 after UFC 151 was cancelled, there’s been little trash talk this time around as both fighters have opted for – at least publicly – words of respect. It’s almost a little boring, but Montreal fans will probably take a bona fide superstar on their ticket over juicy press.

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