Fowl play! Fans throw chicken on the field at English Premiership game

By Kat

While fans in the National Hockey League have been known to throw all sorts of things on the ice at games (think Detroit’s octopus toss, Nashville’s catfish, Toronto waffles… get the point).

The list got a little livelier on Monday at Ewood Park, home of the Blackburn Rovers football club. Fans irate with the club’s owners – Indian chicken processor Venky’s – tossed a live, flag-adorned chicken onto the pitch during a match between Blackburn and Wigan Athletic. Play was stopped momentarily as the chicken strutted around the pitch until two players eventually apprehended the bird.

So what has the fans crying “fowl”? Blackburn has had a poor season that will relegate them from the Premier League, which has been blamed on a slew of bad signings and mismanagement by ownership.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen fans do at a sports event? Or perhaps more importantly, how do you sneak a live chicken past security?!?

While we don’t encourage you to toss things on the playing surface (lest you get ushered out), you can get tickets through and see what being at the big game is all about!

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