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College Football gets it right with proposed changes to BCS format

Friday, April 27th, 2012

By Ryan

ncaa bowl championship series

Proposed changes to the NCAA’s Bowl Championships Series look to be finally getting the go-ahead from the powers that be in college football.

For the first time ever, college football is finally on the verge of having it’s own final four. All the power brokers who run the highest level of the sport are okay with the idea of having a proper playoff format to decide the yearly champion.

They want to limit the playoff to four teams. Now they have to figure out how to decide on which four teams will play each other, when the games will take place, and where the games will be played. If everything goes as planned, they are hoping to have a proper playoff format in place for the 2014 season. There has been talk of having a four team playoff for four years now, but each year the idea has been shot down.

The next challenge is for the commissioners of each conference to decide on how to pick the four teams that will play in the four team playoff. One idea is just picking the top four teams in college football regardless of what conference they play in. Another idea is to take the top four conference champions as a way of moving away from the polls that dominate the current BCS standings.

Once they figure out a format that will decide which teams will play in the final four of college football, I can honestly say that two intense semi final games that lead to a championship game of the two best teams in college football will be a lot more exciting for the fans than listening to what two teams might meet in the championship based on polls and rankings.

What do you think of the proposed format changes?