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The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremony

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony is a once in a lifetime event. This is Canada’s oppo2010 winter gamesrtunity to inspire worldwide onlookers, and display all that it has to offer.
Because Olympic planners work diligently to keep the ceremony’s design strictly confidential, it is impossible to know exactly what they have in store. There is some indication of the care that has gone into these events as the planning process has lasted three years.
According to their official website, VANOC enlisted the contributions of more than one hundred Canadians in order to create memorable ceremonies representative of Canada’s cultural diversity. In addition, no expense was spared. With the support of the government, the planning committee doubled the budget for Olympic ceremonies, bringing the overall allotted funds to forty million dollars for opening and closing ceremonies.
In the past, ceremonies have been stunning displays of the awe-inspiring peaceful coming together of the world. This season’s planners are confident that Vancouver’s ceremonies will be just as remarkable.
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2010 Winter Games Tickets Released

Monday, December 15th, 2008

With the release of the 2010 Winter Games tickets this past week, ticket reselling has been a hot issue! Mario Livich, Founder & CEO of and Murray Pratt, VP of Business Development & Operations have been busy answering everyone’s questions. Check out the articles below from this week – or visit our News Room to see a full-list of stories we have been featured in!

VANOC to invalidate tickets sold by unauthorized vendors
December 12, 2008
Vancouver Sun

VANOC says they will use “secret shoppers” to ferret out unauthorized ticket resellers and invalidate their tickets; however, Mario Livich of says, “We’re connecting buyers and sellers in a legitimate transaction. It’s not illegal to resell tickets in British Columbia.”
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Missed out? Choose your scalper online
December 12, 2008
The Province

Sold-out Olympic tickets are already selling through ticket brokers online. Mario Livich of says, “We will sell thousands and thousands of tickets. We sold our first Olympic ticket today.” Livich is not concerned about VANOC officials trying to shut down the reselling of tickets while Caley Denton of VANOC says he fully expected this to happen.
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2010 tix for sale on web
December 12, 2008
Metro Vancouver

Hundreds of Olympic tickets are available online as lottery winners are selling tickets only hours after VANOC notified them which tickets they have received. Murray Pratt of says, “Some people aren’t comfortable making the decision (to buy) right now.”

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STT on Global TV!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008’s Murray Pratt is interviewed regarding ticket re-selling for the 2010 Winter Games.

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