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CATS is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1978. It is based on story of Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. It has only been surpassed in highest number of performances by Webber's other hit production Phantom Of The Opera. CATS is and has been one of the most-loved musicals of all time, being translated into over 20 languages.

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CATS was first shown in London's West End, at New London Theatre, on May 11, 1981. The show then made its debut on Broadway on October 7, 1982 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

The plot of CATS follows a particular English feline tribe, the Jellicles, who have come together for their annual Jellicle Ball at a junkyard to make the Jellicle Choice and announce the cat who can be reborn. Each cat "auditions" with a different song and/or dance number. Some minor complications involving the abduction of the Jellicle patriarch, Old Deuteronomy, occur before a cat is chosen.

The choosen cat turns out to be Grizabella, "the Glamour Cat", whose now-faded charms do not prevent her from singing "Memory", the show's best-known song. It has been recorded by over 150 artists, and is considered by some to be Webber's signature tune. The lyrics are based on Eliot's poems "Rhapsody on a Windy Night" and "Preludes".

Other cat characters dancing and singing their way into audiences' hearts in this musical include, Magical Mr. Mistoffoles, Rum Tum Tugger, Old Gumbie Cat, Macavity, Gus the theatre cat, Mungojerri and Rumpelteaser and Skimbleshanks the Railway cat. Dancers and singers, through the aid of some of theatre's most incredible make-up and costumes, are transformed from young, exuberant entertainers into sleek, skulking, playful cats.