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The word "cent-sensational" was coined to describe 50 Cent, whose Beg for Mercy Concert Tour will visit a city near you. Controversial, talented, colourful and unrelenting are among other adjectives applied to the the rap superstar who, backed by his crew, G-Unit, puts out hip-hop music that couples real-life hardships with catchy lyrics.

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50 Cent Tickets

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Showtime Ticket Services specializes in quality 50 Cent Tickets.

Born Curtis Jackson 26 years ago, 50 Cent was raised without a father in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. His mother was found dead under mysterious circumstances before he reached teenhood. Taken in by his grandparents, the orphaned youth gravitated to the tough streets of Queens, where he amassed a lengthy police record before deciding to pursue a music career.

Signed by Columbia Records in 1999, 50 Cent locked himself in a recording studio for two weeks and turned out 36 songs, which became Power of a Dollar, an unreleased collection that Blaze Magazine called a classic.

His "stickup kid anthem," How to Rob, defined him as a hungry up-and-comer who daydreamed of robbing famous rappers, and several of them, including Jay-Z, Bug Pun, Sticky Fingaz and Ghostface Killah, took offence.

"It wasn't personal. It was comedy based on truth, which made it so funny," recalls 50 Cent, who was dropped from the Columbia label in the summer of 2000.

The following year, he and his business partner and close friend, Sha Money XL, recorded a collection of 30 songs and released them independently on a makeshift LP, Guess Who's Back?

Soon after, he formed G-Unit with his life-long buddies Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo and the group's bootleg release, 50 Cent Is the Future, featured his retouching of rap material previously recorded by the likes of Jay-Z and Raphael Saadiq.

Then came Get Rich or Die Tryin', which became the top-selling CD in the United States in 2003 and drew a Grammy nomination for 50 Cent as best new artist.

The rapper's current tour is named after his second album which, one critic noted, "delivers the same kind of oddly catchy choruses, boastful lyrics and brilliant beats that made Get Rich or Die Tryin' a hit."