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Nasir Jones is a legendary rapper, heiling from Queens, New York. His debut album Illmatic is considered by rap fans to be the greatest hip hop album ever conceived and one which helped bring East Coast Gangster rap to the forefront. To date, the rapper has released over 9 albums, including It was Written, I Am..., Nastrodamous, God's Son, The Lost Tapes, Street's Disciple, Stillmatic and Hip Hop is Dead.

Nas's lyrical style tells descriptive tales of growing up in the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in New York, the largest housing project in the United States. He explores themes of mob and gang violence, street life and black oppression in America throughout his body of work, which spans over his 14+ year career.

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Amazing live performer!

Alon (4)
Saw Nas live at Plush Nightclub in Vancouver. Nas's performance was clear and exciting. He performed mainstream and lesser known hits from his 14+ year career and even stuck around for a 20+ minute encore after the 4+ hour show!
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Justin (3)
his writing style's definately become more politically charged over the years, but his flow's remained as smooth as ever. i was worried he'd fallen off lately, but seeing him in person has completely restored my faith in him. hip hop isn't dead as long as nas is still alive.
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